The 2020 Advent Challenge

Well, what a year?!

Climate change has come into sharp focus, habitat destruction and our relationship with wild animals is now recognised as part of the pandemic back story and how we rebuild our economy with greener choices is key to all our futures.

I hope you found a little fun in the last three weeks of Advent Challenge but also new ways of thinking.

However uncomfortable this year has been for you, my plea for 2021 is that we don’t slide back into the old normal. Things have to change for us to repair the damage we are doing and I hope this is the launchpad for a kinder life on this beautiful planet. My Christmas Wish if you like!

Photo by Louis on

However, you spend the festive season, with family, friends, neighbours or zoom festivities, remember to relax and take a breath. If you have the energy, share a conversation with someone about environmental issues that worry you. By sharing your concerns others will engage and might take up the issue too. Conversations show we care. Caring leads to action. Action leads to change.

Have a festive Christmas and New Year, however you are able to spend it. Lets make 2021 a better, greener year.

Good luck, everyone. xx

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