New Year, New Resolutions?

Why have I waited until the last day of January to post on New Years Resolutions?

Something to do with the children being at home ‘school’ again and this time around, online for most of their day. But also quite a few developments on the ‘greening our existence’ front in a very short space of time. Requiring me to be doing rather than typing.

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Often I start the year with a list. It often looks something like this:

  • Grow our own veg
  • Find new green energy supplier
  • Walk for more journeys under 2 miles
  • Research and install green ………. bla bla bla

All laudible and totally good things to aim for but not exactly a challenge or a stretch or (sometimes) achievable. And often, I’m left feeling like I’m not making much progress or greening my corner of the planet.

So this year I’ve taken January to look at how I want to finish the year. A deadline yes, but also a longer term view about what our life should look like. This gives me a wider view than just what is for tea or whether I can buy produce without plastic this week. I’m hoping this wider view gives me opportunity to put baby steps together rather than a series of separate actions through the year.

So what does 2021 look like?

It looks like: Green power for our home Gas and Electric

We have just made the swap to an alternative green energy supplier and taken up their green electric and green gas tariff. See my January 2021 post for a little background to this. It will hopefully allow us more flexibility in the future when our plans for solar power get made real.

It looks like: providing home grown produce for a meal a week.

Last year, growing our own veg was fun but not always successful. This year we hope to challenge ourselves to to provide a meal out of the garden once a week. We are starting where we are with the odd parsnip still in the ground and not much else growing yet. So our choice of veg and herbs are a little more coordinated with a view to making meals seasonable.

It looks like: a well stocked garden for bees and wildlife all year round.

Ours is a lovely mature garden obviously tended by a keen gardener but like most gardens its best time is summer with flowering perennials and only a little interest at other times of the year. This year my improvements need to include many more plants that will give year round interest and flowers/ berries or habitat for the wildlife I share the garden with.

It looks like: better shopping choices – seasonal local veg, opportunities for ‘new to me’ and second hand items, plastic and packaging free where possible.

I’ve taken part in Plastic Free July for the last two years with a little success through the month and some good choices that have stayed with me since; but I need to try harder. My kids packed lunches still rely on prepacked items and we have a tendency to order online and get home delivery before even considering if there might be an alternative closer to home.

It looks like: sharing ideas on this blog for my own encouragement as well as creating a wider community who can make small changes too.

That’s you lovely readers! We are a community of people who care and who are trying to adapt to living on this gorgeous planet leaving a sign we were here. Every action counts.

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How is your start to 2021? xxx

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