An Advent Challenge Week 3

So this challenge is about gearing up for greener choices in the New Year. To see what I’ve been working on in Week 1 and Week 2 the challenges are here – they will open in a new tab.

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This week is a bit of a pause. We are all creatures of habit, myself included. We do things as a matter of routine and often our choices evolved to the most convenient option at the time – ever asked yourself why you chose what you just chose? Ever tried to justify it on an environmental basis?

I have been squirming in the last couple of weeks. All the little steps have been great but actually they haven’t changed much of what I try to do already. That is because some of the steps that I could take and that will make a bigger difference are dependent on others – they are not solely my choices.

My journeys in the car over the last year have come right down to the bare essentials but the next real change would be to change which school my son goes to, to one we could walk to. He quite likes his school and, understandably, is unsure about transferring somewhere new. And the Pandemic isn’t helping when it comes to visiting potential schools or meeting teachers.

My choices about meatless meals are shaped by my cooking ability and the likelihood of the whole family eating a new recipe, i.e. not very likely sometimes!

This weeks challenges are about looking at my week (and next year) with new eyes and imagining where I could be at the end of next year. Finding things to inspire the whole family to try new things and questioning my current choices and seeing what I can improve next.

I have tried various carbon footprint calculators since starting this blog. The most shocking of which was the one associated with the #movethedate movement. The topics this week aren’t really tasks, they are a challenge to you to think ahead.

Do let me know how you get on with these or if you are trying other challenges in preparation for the New Year.

Good Luck xx

  1. Energy – reduce? Green energy? smart meter?
  2. Water use
  3. Inspiration for greener living
  4. Meat Free – Upping my cookery game
  5. Conversations with friends. Conversations lead to action, actions lead to change.
  6. Slowing down – does it have to be done now?
  7. Travel – how do I want to get about in the future?

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