Show your stripes

Did you know, June 21 (Summer solstice in the northern hemisphere) was Show Your Stripes day? Climate scientists all over the world shared the visual representation of global temperatures from 1850 to 2020 as stripes. Raising the awareness of climate change and global temperature rise using the colour spectrum to show the warmer years in red tones and cooler temperatures in blue tones.

This is provided courtesy of Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading on the Show Your Stripes webpage. The page allows you to display stripes for different countries by continent. The stripes above are for average global temperature from 1850.

Reporting in the UK was fairly factual and bland. I did a quick scout of wordpress this morning to see what came up and I particularly liked the knitters from Common Grace campaigning on climate change in Australia sharing Show Your Stripes scarves with members of parliament! 21 June is their winter solstice down under. Have a look at the report on Hughes Fact Checked: Show your Stripes.

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