What will you do today?

Earth Day April 22nd. This year there are three days of events, talks and actions to promote the protection of this beautiful planet and keep that at the the forefront of our mind.

Restore the Earth is this years theme with the activities hosted by earthday.org. Join in today.

I’m more about small steps to help shift my mindset, from the mundane ‘this is what I always do’ to conscious choices for a sustainable life and less impact on the planet, than gigantic shifts and big show off statements. So I was thinking about what I could do or change next week and hopefully find some new ‘habits’ in the process.

Earth Day is therefore an opportunity to review my travel, my energy use, my food choices and the efforts in my garden to improve the opportunities for the wildlife that shares the space.

  • April 22nd is Thursday, that happens to be the day of the Farmers Market in town so the first challenge for me will be can I make all my meals on Thursday vegan using fresh, local, seasonal produce?
  • The garden is waking up from winter and there are spaces in the borders to be filled with new plants – can I make three choices next week on native wildflowers or good insect friendly options?
  • For each journey I make next week I will challenge myself to consider how else I could make that journey or still achieve the purpose the journey is for but without the car.

Of the three, I think the travel will be the hardest for me since so much of our day to day living requires us to travel to destinations.

What will you do today?

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