Be part of the solution – Join in Plastic Free July 2021

If you are new to Plastic Free July you can read about it here. They say it much better than I can! It is a global campaign to challenge us to stop using single use plastics and prevent the plastic pollution that is smothering the planet. You and I can be part of the change. When you sign up got Plastic Free July they send you useful tips and stories; so whether you are a total newbie or seasoned plastic sidestepper there is good advice and motivation during the month.

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You might be thinking it is a huge effort to avoid or reduce your plastic consumption, but no-one is expecting anyone to go plastic free overnight. Plastic is all around us and sometimes essential but with a very little planning and change of mindset it is possible to find many plastic free solutions. And once you’ve made one swap you’ll be inspired to keep going.

I think it is important to join the challenge and send the message to shops and suppliers that they need to stop using single use plastics and look for new ways of wrapping their products. We need to stop single use plastics littering our countryside and oceans.

Its time to change.

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In previous years I’ve made the effort to start using the green grocer, farmers market and zero waste shop in town in order to reduce our plastic waste at home. In general, these habits have stuck and I’ve made them a permanent change but we are still bringing home lots more plastic than I would like and although I do my best to recycle as much as I can there is always still lots in the bin.

This year I’m kicking up a gear. The reality is that if I want to stop bringing single use plastics home and putting them straight in the bin I have to change what I buy or where I buy it from. This year I have been trying to eat more meat free meals and this has reduced the prepacked meat I buy but I want to find out how easy it is to buy meat unpackaged and, alongside that change, we consume lots of snack bars, crisps and biscuits. This July I am looking for alternative products so we can reduce our plastic waste further.

I shall let you know how I get on. Have you got any tips for alternatives to crisps and lunch box snacks?

What will be your change for Plastic Free July?

Good Luck x


  1. Aaargh, the nightmare that is single use plastic – when will it end? Thanks again for such a useful link, I think these global movements encouraging people to make changes no matter how small are brilliant and so important. Plastic Free July is nudging me to move as far away from supermarkets as possible and use shops and the market in our local town and surrounding area (on my bike!) where I can take my own containers, buy food wrapped in paper, milk from the farm in glass bottles, etc. When our sprogs were at school, I used to make bits and pieces for their lunchboxes, which obviously took time and effort but frozen in batches, it saved a lot of time and packaging in the long run. They loved things like cheese straws, mini cheese scones, oaty biscuits and fruity cereal bars. Chopped fruit and vegetable sticks were also a favourite, and little mixes of nuts and seeds. Actually, walnuts lightly toasted and sprinkled with a little salt and chopped rosemary make a lovely grown up snack, too! If ingredients can be sourced in zero waste shops free of packaging, it’s a great way to reduce plastic and introduce lots of healthier eating options at the same time. Good luck! 😊

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    • Yes! I hate all the plastic too. My normal supermarket shop is beginning to depress me with all the plastic. I used to feel really isolated trying my tiny green steps but I feel totally inspired by the movements where everyone is sharing their struggles and successes. I pick up so many good ideas along the way and it is totally encouraging to feel I can make a difference. I love your ideas for lunch boxes. I have found a recipe for some little oat bars so that is on the list for this week and I’ve baked a banana bread this weekend which I can slice and freeze. Both of these will help me avoid individually wrapped snack bars this week.

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      • . . . and it’s the small steps that really do make a difference, tiny drops becoming vast oceans as people get involved. I’ve challenged myself to spend a whole day this week only eating and drinking things that are plastic packaging free, I think it will really help to focus my efforts on moving forward a bit more and it seems like a good peg for a blog post so I can share with others. Banana bread sounds heavenly – enjoy it! 😊

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