An Advent Challenge Week 2

Rather than a preparation for Christmas this is my challenge to set me in better stead for the New Year. Did you join in week 1? How did you get on? This week here are 7 more little steps for better environmental choices. This weeks challenges are to rethink your normal choices and routines. See how much action you could take this week.

Good Luck x

Week 2

  1. Buy local this week. The supermarkets are full to the brim of produce that has travelled across the world to get to that shelf. I marvel at the distribution network that makes that possible but dispair at the footprint these products might have. This week see how many alternatives you can choose that reduces the food miles. Does it cramp your style or are you pleasantly surprised?
  2. Cook a meal from scratch. What could you make with your locally sought ingredients?
  3. Count how many journeys you make in your car this week. One journey is from A-B if you return to A again that makes two journeys. How many journeys were under 2 miles? Was there another way available to make that journey? Did you need to travel in the first place?
  4. Visit a park or garden. What has flowers on it? What has berries/ fruit? What is the first thing that will flower in your garden next year? When will it flower? Could you plant some bulbs in a pot or choose a plant this week that will flower early and give insects something to feed on earlier in the year?
  5. Support local wildlife. Could you stock a bird feeder in your garden? Could you make a hole in you fence for hedgehogs to get through? If you don’t have a garden is there a nature reserve near you that you could donate to?
  6. Plant some seeds – think salad, herbs or cress. In a few weeks time you will have something growing on your window ledge that you can eat. You don’t need anything special for cress: a margarine tub and cotton wool and seeds, just remember to keep the cotton wool damp.
  7. Pause: Set aside some time today to rethink the choices over the last two weeks. How many of those choices didn’t cost any more or were any less convenient that your usual habits?

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