An Advent Challenge! Week 1

When I planned this post, some while ago now, we weren’t in lockdown and I wasn’t contemplating Christmas without family members who would normally spend the holiday period staying with us and now can’t.

We also hadn’t had announcements about 2020 being one of the three warmest years on record or Sir David Attenborough talking to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres repeating how important it is for countries, governments and individuals to take action to reverse the climate change trends.

An Advent Challenge seemed a fun thing to do, but now I think this should be our individual preparations for 2021 being a much greener year. Will you join me?

This challenge is a launch pad for renewed efforts in 2021

Christmas isn’t always the best time to be adding new stuff to the list of things to get done but these challenges are to help me rethink my choices. I want to go into the New Year in better shape for greener household choices and knowing about the alternatives. This is my launch pad for renewed efforts in 2021.

So here are 7 little steps we could all take this week to make a difference to our climate change efforts. I am planning one a day. Some of them you might need to plan today and do the next day just to be in the right mindframe or to have the right options available to you. Good Luck!

Week One

  1. Look in your bin and find some plastic packaging; for example a chocolate bar wrapper or biscuit packet, drinks bottle or other food item – find an alternative this week that is unwrapped or wrapped in a packet you can recycle. Choose that when you next shop. Could you avoid going back to the plastic wrapped original?
  2. Make something. For example Christmas cards or decorations, a cake or cookies. Does this help you avoid the shops or having to buy a new gift for someone?
  3. Eat a vegetarian or vegan meal today. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Doesn’t matter how basic – beans on toast if you can’t think of anything else.
  4. Plant a tree. If you feel so inclined this could be for your own garden but you might be able to join in a local tree planting project, send some money to a project planting trees nationally, or look for an international initiative – My favourite is the RedPandaNetwork – Plant a home campaign.
  5. Have a ‘no buy’ day. This will be difficult given the time of year and as we come out of lockdown and shops open up again. If you can’t avoid spending, avoid the impulse buys, and make sure the item is a good sustainable choice.
  6. Turn it off – for an hour. Think: the heating, the lights, the computer, your phone. Think of all those less fortunate than us living with out the energy we have at the touch of a button.
  7. Go out for a walk. If you have children, take them with you and do a neighbourhood i-spy of birds and wildlife or a christmas treasure hunt (or scavenger hunt)

Good Luck every one! And leave me a message with how you get on, I’d love to hear from you!

Sarah x

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