Up beat and taking action

I’ve been quite horrified watching reports of wildfires across Siberia – usually the frozen north – but now warm enough for the PermaFrost to be melting and the forests to catch fire. Think about that for a minute permafrost – permanently frozen ground now not frozen.

Turning that horror into action to make better lifestyle choices and start healing the planet is key to turning the climate crisis around.

This week has been one long hard look at our food and packaging choices.


This week I’ve tried some different vegetarian or ‘less meat’ meals and all have gone down remarkably well. The children have also had some different choices in their lunchboxes – that went down less well! Lets just say lunchboxes are still a work in progress!

I tried two sets of recipes from a Deliciously Ella cookbook that I borrowed from the library. A butternut squash and chickpea Thai red curry and paprika and cinnamon roasted root veg. We also had a tomato pasta sauce with added red pepper, mushrooms and courgette (home grown) which is a bit of quick staple meal in our house and a cauliflower cheese with some crusty bread. Four meals with less or no meat for this week. There was even enough curry left over for Mr TreadingSofter to take to work for lunch. It feels good to be trying new things.

For my lunches this week I have tried veggie fillings for wraps. Cheese salad and pickle, houmous, red pepper and salad and a slightly less successful one with leftover roast chicken and mango chutney – that rather self destructed on eating but tasted OK!

These are baby steps for a family set in its ways with food choices and a not very confident cook! Even so, I’m celebrating the win because we all tried something new and the end results were appreciated!

Shopping habits

In choosing some veggie based recipes this week I managed to shop in our local green grocer and the zero waste shop. A good chunk of my meal shopping was therefore plastic free.

My containers don’t look anything like as coordinated as this but I know filling my own containers and supporting a local shop and making plastic free and organic choices is a good choice.

Lunchbox changes in the planning are to try and find snack items that are not individually wrapped in plastic. I’ve moved away from biscuit bars to slabs of cake I can chop up – one big wrapper that will cater for both children rather than 10 individual packs of dubious chocolate or sugary treats. I also rediscovered Club biscuits which are individually wrapped but in paper. My youngest made the foil paper wrappers from his Clubs into mini paper aeroplanes – can’t do that with a Twix!

The addition of small pots of grapes, carrot sticks, and cherry tomatoes (home grown) didn’t impress – I need a new plan for next week to reduce the shop bought fruit bars.


I am tempted at this time of year, as summer roles into autumn, to have a bit of a tidy up. Take out the perennials that have gone over and sweep up the leaves. This year I am resisting the urge to tidy and instead directing my attention to things I can plant to make next years wildlife even more at home.

Photo on Pexels.com

In reality the garden now looks slightly neglected with this change of priority but on the plus side I have ordered some spring bulbs for planting now and have lavender and rosemary ready to plant in the borders now so they can settle in before winter comes.

This planning ahead also means I have been looking at seeds and other bulbs to order. Hopeful that the garden will will look amazing next year with even more insects.

How has your September shaped up?

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