Plastic Free July – the end or the beginning?

I have read so many posts about Plastic Free July. It is incredible how it captures the imagination of individuals and communities all over the world. All of us seeking out new ways of offering our planet some protection from our indulgence and pollution.

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So now July is over…………what next?

It could have been plastic Free August or Plastic Free April! The month doesn’t matter, but our effort does. Just because it isn’t July anymore doesn’t mean we can’t keep chipping away at our plastic mountain. We don’t have to wait until next July to change the next one thing.

Plastic Free July has got me back on track after the Covid19 lockdown where access to my normal plastic free alternatives was rather restricted. As local shops and businesses start back up I can go back to seeking out alternatives. Fundamentally though, it has focused my attention again on what we eat – that is how a lot of the plastic creeps into my home. It reminds me how much processed food is packed in plastic. Only single use, intended to be discarded (note: not recycled or reused……….. the manufacturer knows you will throw it away). Not available wrapped in anything else. I can’t keep banging on about plastic without addressing the elephant in the room.

I need to change what is on the menu.

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So for August.

I will continue to refuse single use plastic where I have a choice – no drinks bottles, plastic straws, disposable cups, produce bags and wrappers. I have plastic free or reusable alternatives to all of these.


My motivation this month is to find plastic free alternative meals and avoid the prepacked snacks and ready meals and replace them with home made alternatives.

Wish me luck!!

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