Being Water Wise

England faces “serious risk of running out of water within 20 years”

In a report published on Thursday 9 July 2020, the Public Accounts Committee says all the bodies responsible for the UK’s water supply – Defra, Ofwat and the Environment Agency – have “taken their eye off the ball” and must take urgent action now to ensure a reliable water supply in the years ahead. It concludes that the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) has shown a lack of leadership in getting to grips with all of the issues threatening our water supply.

There is a serious risk that some parts of England will run out of water within the next 20 years. Over 3 billion litres, a fifth of the volume used, is lost to leakage every day: a situation the Committee describes as “wholly unacceptable”.

Public Accounts Committee report can be accessed HERE

It is very easy to assume from this that if the water companies, The Environment Agency and Ofwat just pull their socks up it’ll all be OK. But that isn’t the case. THEY CAN’T SORT OUT WATER RESOURCES ON THEIR OWN. Water is all our responsibility. We are all part of the solution.

Introducing Waterwise.

Waterwise is organisation set up to promote water efficiency. They are funded and sponsored by many business and organisations that have an interest in water resources including water companies and Ofwat.

We can all play our part in improving water efficiency by supporting their campaigns. You can find out more about Waterwise here and see their campaign for water use this summer here.

Waterwise has the ambitious target to achieve water use in the UK of 100 litres per person per day.

How much water do you use each day? Have you ever thought about it? If you have a water meter the answer to this question will be highlighted on your water bill. Go have a look………. go on.

I set myself a Green Goal last year to look at my water usage and find ways to reduce it. Our latest water bill suggests as a household we use on average 316 litres of water each day (there are four of us here.….and a cat, and we wouldn’t normally be here all day – present circumstances excepted!). Down from 330 litres/day on the last bill I had to hand when I set the goal. A drop of 14 litres/day doesn’t sound much but that is 5110 litres saving over the year!

What I changed to reduce our water use.

  • Taking shorter showers and washing my hair over the sink means less time with the water running.
  • We still bath the children but not every night and we have reduced the depth of bathwater to reduce our water use – we used a few extra bath toys to distract the boys when we started this!
  • We have installed three water butts in the garden to collect rainwater – this isn’t quite sufficient for all our vegetables needs but it is much better than the hose pipe and outside tap we were using. When we do use the outside tap we try to use the water can rather than the hose.
  • We have a dishwasher but we realised we used it even when it wasn’t full so now we just use it as a treat after Sunday lunch.

This reduction is still work in progress so I am still looking for new ways to reduce our use further.

The Waterwise campaign “water’s worth saving” has lots of hints and tips to help you reduce you water use. You can also look for water saving ideas on your water company website.

What will you pledge to change this summer?

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