Plastic Free July – week 2

So, after last weeks review of just how much plastic was creeping back in the house we have adjusted our shopping trips and buying habits a little. We are still sticking to the weekly shop at the supermarket as we have been doing throughout the COVID19 pandemic but I have ventured out for specific items separately this week.

Here is what has changed:

Our meals over the last week were much more veg orientated: carrot and sweet potato soup; veggie pasta with pesto and a bolognase with lots of veggies. The kids also made pizza bread sticks again and pizza dough in the bread machine before topping the pizza and home cooking it.

I made a separate trip to the green grocer and managed to get everything I needed either in a paper bag, card punnet or no packaging at all. Carrying it all home was a bit of pfaff and trying to fit it all in the salad drawer in the fridge an even bigger game but, a success all the same.

Photo by Pixabay on

Feeling very pleased with myself getting all the veggies I needed at the green grocer I headed to the supermarket on Saturday to find bread and rolls for the weekend. The smugness didn’t last long – all the bread products came wrapped in plastic.

Mental note for next week to dust the bread machine off and home bake more and take a trip to the bakery out of town to see what is available.

I also made a quick stop at the zero waste shop to top up on pasta. The zero waste shop is definitely somewhere I need to go more often but first I need to find some more containers to put my loose produce in. Watch this space.

How are you all doing? What have you changed to avoid plastic this week?

Do come back next week to see how week 3 pans out for me.

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