Footprints and Treading Softer

Take nothing but photographs

Leave nothing but footprints

John Muir

Anyone who has spent any time exploring the outdoors has probably come across that quote. It is a mantra for those venturing into the wilderness, reminding us to leave the wild place as we found it; do no harm to it; respect it. That means behaving in a way that maintains its wild beauty.

Photo by Pixabay on

Can you see where I am going with this post?

Nature is not our back garden. Back garden – BBQ ……… fine; back garden – gathering of loads of people..……………if you must; back garden – leave tidying up the mess for tomorrow……….. that’s fine, it’s your mess and your Mum will probably clean it up for you. Please don’t behave like this when you are out. Nature cannot clean up after us. It’s beauty is in looking untouched. That means we have to leave it that way.

The environment and wild spaces, beauty spots, beaches and parks need our respect. Nature needs us to nurture it. So we have to behave differently when we are out and about and not like we do in our back garden.

This week has been a mix of stupid behaviour – people packing onto beaches and leaving the rubbish for others to clear up; to glimpses of hope for the future and how we go forward, such as news of environmental groups seeking changes to the new Agriculture Bill – desperately trying to maintain the standards we have in UK food production and discussions of a Green Recovery out of COVID19.

Please venture out safely to a green space or a beach or a wild place this week and marvel at how wonderful nature is. Stop and listen, walk barefoot on the grass, feel the breeze. If it is too hot, too windy, too rough where you are just remind yourself that all our actions are causing changes to the climate and therefore the weather pattern. What will you change this week for a better tomorrow?

Have a great weekend.

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