Garden wildlife

You might think I’m not working on some of my other green goals for this year given the number of posts on plastic recently but thankfully that isn’t the case.

The last couple of weeks, come rain and shine, we have been out in the garden in the flower borders and the productive veg beds. This week we have harvested red currants, strawberries and salad leaves (meaning I haven’t bought a bag of salad leaves for two whole weeks).

Before the rains came we were very nearly out of water in the water butts meaning we had to ration what we watered and where. That has focused our minds on where the next water butt will go because we can’t run out of water.

Now the sunshine has come back with proper heat we are back to watering and trying to mulch the soil to reduce what evaporates straight off.

Satisfying as picking fruit and veg are the thing I have most been inspired by this week is the amount of wildlife that I am noticing. I have seen dragonflies hatching out of the nymph cases using the irises in our pond to rest on while their wings harden. The pond itself is also providing stop off for hoverflies and other insects to drink from – they land on the lily pads and weed on the surface to drink. We have an area of grass we have left uncut this year and this is being used by many different butterflies. My children also found a slow worm and the bats which fly around the neighbourhood have come across our garden every night this week so there must be more food for them here than previous years.

Lavender almost in flower

While I haven’t seen lots of bumble bees or butterflies yet our flower borders are starting to come into their own so I hope as Summer progresses these will start to provide the nectar bar.

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Will you create a space for nature this week?

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