Zero Waste – A reality or fairy tale?

There we go, I said it. Zero Waste. Can’t surf the internet looking for ideas on sustainable living without zero waste coming up. It conjures up mental pictures of kitchens full of fresh fruit and veg, glass storage jars neatly lined up on shelves in well stocked pantrys and not a plastic bottle, wrapper or bag in sight.

The Holy Grail as it were, the aspiration of those looking for a greener life.

But it has also stopped me from looking at our household waste for such a long time because it felt out of reach, unrealistic for our family and to be honest quite painful and probably expensive. Do I need any more reasons not to start?

But the message below changed all that.

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly,. We need millions doing it imperfectly

I saw this on Earth.Food.Love Facebook page a while ago. They are a zero waste shop in Totnes, Devon England..

It changed my thinking about zero waste. So now, zero waste isn’t such a scary thing. There isn’t a right or wrong way or a perfect way. I just need to start.

To that end I am going to do a mini waste audit to see what we throw out regularly and use this to direct what I tackle first.

Join me! Do your own review of what you throw out. What waste can you avoid? What could you buy in a different format? What can you recycle locally?

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