Thanks for joining me!

This is my space for sharing my family’s adventures while we learn to live a greener, happier, simpler life.

The environmental headlines are often full of doom and gloom. Many people around the world are campaigning for governments and the decision makers to adopt tougher environmental standards to reduce our impacts on the planet. While big change is needed, I can’t wait for government to tell what to do. I know there are things I can do better now and I am going to start doing what I can at home. This is our journey; starting small and local and nurturing our own relationship with planet Earth.

I hope you will do more than just follow along. I hope you are inspired into taking your own actions to make better habits. Lots of little actions add up to big differences and the end goal of reducing our impact on our beautiful world will be worth it.  

Gorgeous primroses in the garden

There are simply millions of ways to start reducing our impact on the planet from the things we do daily. Everything from how we travel, what we eat, what and how we buy things and how we live is going to come under scrutiny. Some things will be easy to stop or change how we do them, others might take us a little longer to resolve. Some things will be in my gift to change, as a consumer I make decisions daily about what to buy/ cook/ use, others will need a campaign to change. I hope the things we try inspire you to have your own conversations and rethink how you live. Good luck!

A great place to start is to review your carbon footprint. We like the WWF carbon footprint calculator. It is really simple to use and gives you some great tips to reduce your footprint.

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